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Meet your new baby

Elective 3D/4D/5D baby Ultrasound for expectant mothers

Welcome to Island County Ultrasound where we specialize in providing expectant parents and their families with unforgettable 3D/4D/5D elective ultrasound services. See your baby’s features and movements with groundbreaking image quality and color sensitivity.

Wait- there is more! we also offer 8K enhancement of an image of your choice.

Let us help you start the bonding process now!

Disclaimer: Island County Ultrasound only offers non-diagnostic elective prenatal ultrasound 

An unforgettable experience for you and your family

Welcome to our tranquil prenatal bonding experience overlooking Penn Cove. 

Our advanced 4D ultrasound technology provides incredibly clear, live views of your baby's precious movements and expressions in the womb. 

Sit back, relax and watch your baby smile, stretch and play on screen. It's an unforgettable chance to connect. Your comfort is our priority. Calming music and soft lighting create a positive atmosphere. Our caring and attentive sonographer captures images you'll cherish.

Share the joy by bringing up to 5 guests. Children remain seated. To maintain serenity, no pets or outside food please. 

Take home a recording and photos of your session to fondly look back on. We can't wait for you to meet your little one!

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11% off! Active Duty Discount. We honor your service

Before you book.

  1. Fill out our registration form

  2. Text for faster response (360 720 4463)

  3. We will send you a code for 11% off any service.

  4. Use code to book your service. Enjoy your discount!

See your baby in high definition

 8K Enhanced Images

Now offering 8K Digitally Enhanced Ultrasound Pictures of your unborn baby by adding another layer of realism to your 5d Ultrasound Images captured during your Island County Ultrasound appointment.

This is an ADD ON to your package. 


January Special

$20 off 2D early Gender scan.  A perfect gift for for Baby Shower.

Use promo code GENDER while booking.

Can be booked for later months.


Peace of mind


Heartbeat Stuffies

Capture your little one’s heartbeat and sounds in an instant during your ultrasound session. Or make the first gift you give your baby extra special by recording your own heartbeat. A tiny record is embedded in one of our adorable stuffies.


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