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Workshops are held once a month

All workshops are 2 D ultrasounds only. There is NO Certificate of completion. We only provide private elective learning. Island County is not associated with any schools. 

Interactive 2D Ultrasound Workshop

For ages 12-16

Is your child eager to learn and explore his or her options?

This MINI intro 2D workshop can spark their interest in medical diagnostic imaging. Perfect gift for curious mind.

$100 plus tax.




Hands on Ultrasound Workshop

For ages 16 - 21

Have you thought about looking into diagnostic imaging? How about ultrasound?


Join us for a hands-on ultrasound workshop Two hours one on one experience. Workshop takes only two students per session. They both work on each other for a practical scanning. They both model for each other.

$200 per participant


Hands on Ultrasound Workshop

For non-medical professional adults and students.


Basic show and tell General ultrasound.

$125 an hour – bring your own model. Two-hour min. schedule as needed.  

$75 an hour for two people-taking workshop. Pair up. Two-hour min. 


Hands on Ultrasound Workshop

For medical-practicing professionals

Contact us for more details. Customized per provider's request. 

$150 an hour – bring your own model. Two-hour min. Schedule as needed.  

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